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Game Log 8

Date: 17/08/81
Game Type: 特南喰赤
Link: http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2017080311gm-0029-0000-754c6182&tw=0
2位 A:Dasuke(+18.0) B:カツオブシ(-24.0) C:kyug3(-44.0) D:艶粧花魁(+50.0)

E1-0 2nd Turn:

A quick call with the haku as dealer with 2 dora. Progressing with this open hand, WWYD?
6s to keep highest ukeire for now, 12s to try and work on improving shape while keeping 3 kanchan, 9p to keep 6s as well as another 8p was already dropped?
HMS wise 6s has highest win rate for regards to self drawn tiles, but since I'm calling and want to have an improved wait for tenpai if possible...

Tenhou player Muller who runs Mahjong Guide replied with: "When you have an open hand, having bad shapes hurts less since you can complete them by calling. So I'd just cut 6s"

S2-0 2nd Turn:

Hand Progression!
This is a pretty cool hand pattern. HMS EV wise, with a no dora hand while having two sets of 123/798 and lone 1/9 in last suit for sanshoku potential, with under 5 blocks and the involved floating tiles not near the dora, the 1/9 keep has a higher EV than a 2,3,7,8 lone tile keep.

S3-0 18th Turn:

A Hypothetical question, if this hand got tenpai on the last draw, what am I willing to push? Am I willing to push the 3m? How about the 7m?
Both 3m and 7m are next to the dora. East called really late when they dropped that last 1s, so good change they're in tenpai or at least 1shanten. Seeing as though they didn't call the 3m when they had the chance, we're probably safe their. It's also safe for the other two players, so if this hand got tenpai via the 6m,2p, or 5p push for tenpai with the 3m.

The big question here is would I push the 7m? A COMPLETE no suji tile with neither the 4m or 7m being dropped by ANY player throughout the entire round. Throw in the complete disppearence of the 6m and three of the 5m dora and its a tile seems pretty dangerous. Even if the dealer just had a tanyao tenpai, or no yaku dora tenpai, with haitei I would be paying to them at least 2.9k, which is just as bad as EVERYONE aside from me being in tenpai. If they have a hand higher than that, which they probably do considering a missing 7 dora tiles from sight, ryuukyoku payments wouldn't even compare. So 7m shonpai is probably not the best push here.

S3-1 3rd Turn:

Down 9.7k from 1st, aiming for a mangan class hand to close the gap and take over first. A 2k hand here, especially being 7.3k above 3rd and near 20k above last is just sad. But with the dragons at hand, two calls from a shosangen mangan at least. Make the call or stay dama?
If I stay dama here I have an 11 ukeire 1 shanten to work with. The problem here is its pretty cheap. At the lowest a Riichi yakuhai for 2.6k, not to mention I gotta make that tenpai jump with self draws. Being this early in the game the chances that other players are still dropping excess yakuhai tiles are pretty hai, so a decent chance for being able to call the haku after hatsu due to the usefulness, or lack there of, the tile has for other players. Finally in this point gap, EVERYONE is pushing. Even if I do get a call of the hatsu and haku showing, early enough and 1st and 2nd might still push for a reasonable hand, while even later on east HAS to keep pushing no matter what. So calling here seems very reasonable.

S3-0 1st Turn:

Call the 8m?
If I win the hand, I win the game. So here I want to go for the FASTEST hand possible.

Currently this hand is 3 shanten with 23 Ukeire. If I call I still have 3 shanten but with 52 Ukeire with an honor tile cut, or 44 with 1s cut. Now it might look like "Well if you call this you HAVE to go for chiniitsu or honiitsu" but that's not exactly the case, it's also possible to go for a Manzu Iitsu.

The flexibility in this hand is suprisingly good for such a one colored hand. Plus the ability to call, especially FROM a person who, just like me, is trying to get a hand put together as fast as humanly possible, they're not going to stop for anything, even a chiniitsu to the face. Now that they've thrown a first turn 8m, chances are surrounding tiles are also quite useless in their hand. Considering the increase in ukeire, this hands ability to call, and a kamicha that is also pushing ot the ends of the earth, I really like the 8m call here.