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Game Log 7

Date: 17/08/81
Game Type: 特南喰赤
Link: http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2017080215gm-0029-0000-222ee02f&tw=1
4位 B:Dasuke(-35.0) C:Matuura(+7.0) D:高鴫穏乃(-19.0) A:hiro21c(+47.0)

E1-0 12th Turn:

Tenpai! Though another person is in riichi. With a dealer mangan or even haneman chance WWYD?
A Tenhou 10th Dan with the username Nantorei(南斗レイ♪) replied to this question on twitter with: "I would discard 3p and call riichi. It seems worth taking a risk, waiting for 6p. At east 1, east player should pursue only return."

S1-0 8th Turn:

Glorious Tenpai... or so it would be if the dealer didn't just decalre riichi. With a single safe tile to our name and a pinfu tenpai WWYD?
This is pretty iffy...This situation comes up in Fukuchi's Push/Pull book as well. In the book, the question has getting a pinfu tenpai while dealer has declared riichi. The answer provided? Don't fight the riichi, drop for dama tenpai if possible but if a dangerous tile comes fold without complaint.

Now this question in particular is interesting for two reasons. First off we don't have that many safe tiles, so going forward might be a better result since we have the option of taking tenpai and then folding later if more safe tiles appear. The second thing is, there's a decent chance the dealer's wait or hand is pretty bad. Notice the dealer's discards, they tsumogiri'd twice before calling Riichi. Quite possibly they were in tenpai for a bad wait or cheap hand and didn't want to riichi with an unseen dora. After the haku dora came out and was not ponned, that fear was removed so riichi even with a bad hand became a viable option for the dealer. A mangan dama hand or something like that has no reason to go riichi after waiting, since staying dama has higher winning rates while if they were to riichi their highest EV would be to do so at the point they enter tenpai. Would be intersting to see some stats on multiple turn tsumogiri riichi's that occur in higher rooms, not including ones after other people riichi.

S2-0 10th Turn:

Danger all around, but where to run to?
One person in riichi and another with what seems to be a mangan or haneman honiitsu/chiniitsu hand. What's the best thing to throw here?

Well First off lets look at what each of our opponents has. From our kamicha we can see a pretty obvious honiitsu/chiniitsu in the Souze suit. With that, throwing one of our souzu tiles or South wind is a pretty big no go here, but other things are most probably fine. For the person in riichi... no clue. Well, no clue from their discards at least, though if we look at the situation we might be able to find out something.

So Kamicha has what seems to be a an estimated mangan or haneman hand, so the person in riichi must have to have something big enough to fight that, right? Not exactly... Because two of those calls by kamicha were made AFTER the 7p riichi. The hand was made pretty early on, and an early riichi nomi on a bad penchan or kanchan wait is pretty uncommon at this table, though ryanmen waits are Very common. Ignoring the dangerous souze and dora tile we have in this hand, lets look at the other tiles and see how they can be used.

For the 2m, there are three 1m, two 2m, one 3m, and two 4m seen. So there are enough tiles for 2 more ryanmen shape, one for kanchan, two for tanki, and one for shabo. For the 4m, four for ryanmen, 3 for kanchan, two for tanki, one for shabo. Looking at the rest for ryanmen, 2p has 2, 3p has 2, 4p has 4, 5p has 6. Aside from ryanmen, outer tiles will generally have a higher appearence rate in kanchan, tanki, and shabo waits. Given just the available shapes, probably 2m would be the way to go...

S4-0 7th Turn:

Orasu Do or Die: Call the Hatsu? Would of called the first Hatsu?
The point gap between me and 3rd is 4.6k, and 6.4k to 2nd place. a 1h3fu tsumo, covering a 5k gap, would be enough for 3rd, or a ron onto either player would work as well. The hand currently is two shanten away from chanta and a potential hatsu, and can use the 8m dora.

If I don't call, hatsu wil be dead and stuck as a pair in my hand. I doubt 2nd and 3rd will wait around long enough for me to take the long route so it would need to stay for me to have a decent chance. Without that, I would need to build up the 9m or 113p shapes. The problem here is that this hand is two shanten, and these shapes are PRETTY BAD, the 12p99m drops on the field and 7m dora indicator aren't helping either. So while a dama chanta dora or even chanta riichi would give me the ability to win off ANY Player, the price is a too steep.

Not if I call, what's the plan? Well first off a 2k hand isn't going to cut it, I have 3 blocks already made so only the pair and the last group need to be confimred. If I confirm the 113p as a group, even if I get a 123p I won't have enough han or fu to break the 2k limit. So first off, cut the 3p and confirm 11p. Next I got 3 possible outcomes: first 7m or 8m comes and I get tenpai with a 3.9k hand that allows me to win off of (including me) 3 out of the 4 players. I could get a Chun which would allow me to win either with a chun off 3/4 players, while 1p would equate to death. Finally I could grab the 1p, and wait on either the 9m or Chun. In both cases I would have a 2.6k hand via ron, which means I could win from a lucky drop from 3rd. Furthermore if I keep the 9m, it keeps the potential for an upgrade with 7m or 8m draw. Either way this situation is pretty rough, but knowing the paths to even an unlikely victory is a must.