/ Tenhou Review

Game Log 6

Had a bit of time to throw up a couple of things before I went to sleep. Rather than WWYD most of these are small errors I noticed in my play.

Date: 17/07/31
Game Type: 特南喰赤
Link: http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2017080114gm-0029-0000-de012dbd&tw=0
3位 A:Dasuke(-6.0) B:クラゲくん(-56.0) C:灼眼のシャナ(+15.0) D:繊維(+47.0)

E1-0 3rd Turn:

Taatsu Over
When in a Taatsu over situation like this, a hand which is likely to include pinfu, rather than getting lost in that beautiful iitsu chance and dropping a 'useless' 2p, drop the 1 instead. In a taatsu over where you have the chance for pinfu, dropping the 1p over the 2p first gives us the ability to draw 3p. While its no itsuu, a dealer dora 1 pinfu 1 shanten is Great!

E2-0 4th Turn:

A question of Defensive Intent.
Another player has declared riichi on the 4th turn. The status of my hand? 4 shanten TRASH. No Dora, 2 penchan and a overlaying kanchan, if you brought this hand home to show your parents they would shun you for life. Even if this round goes all the way ryuukyoku and you threw caution to the wind, there's less than 20% chance that it would get Tenpai even then. A hand so bad HMS says "draw two more useful tiles before I can even compute this thing".

Now its pretty obvious that this hand is Trash among Trash, but what does that mean? That means we should be putting our 10000% effort into Not Dealing In. Not dealing in to any player, not dealing in to any wait, a complete fortress that locks down all, perfect Betaori.

But that South drop wasn't that bad right? Yeah it wasn't That bad, and most definately safe, but it has two big weaknesses. The first weakness is kind of minor: This hand has near zero potential so throw 100% safe tiles not 99% safe tiles. In this case its quite unlikely they would be waiting on hell wait South, but does not mean the chance is zero? No. Does it matter in This case? Probably not. Will it matter in some case? Yes. Don't build bad habits, mahjong is a game of building good habits and relying on them, if you get sloppy in your play you're going to sloppy again, because that's how our brains work.

The second thing is slightly more major, if you're defending we want to defend against EVERYONE, but we don't know how the other two players are going ot be responding next. Dropping the 100% 8p here gives us the ability to hold on to that South hell wait tanki/kokushi only tile and throw a tile that is PERFECTLY safe for the person in riichi, but not for the other two people. This stuff can seem minor but it definately adds up in the moments you least expect it. Build good habits, fight Worth with Worth. If miraculously you get some great draws and this hands get closer and closer to a good tenpai, THEN you can start thinking about how to proceed accordingly, but before that Don't get lazy and make doing so commonplace in your play.

S2-0 1-4th Turn:

4th place is on their last lag, a mere 3k from tobi and ending the game. 1st place just kanned the hatsu on the first turn (????) and I started out with something Shiny~
When I inition see the points in this situation as well as first place's kan declaration, which reasonable isn't called unless they are sure of their potential victory, especially as first, I see only one thing here: Tanayo! Potententially tanyao with red dora or even toi toi/sanankou. I wanna win this hand fast for first ends the game for good, and idealy I want to end the game myself!

Though of course, shiny hands can be a little... Misleading. If you focus on and chase after something hard enough, you'll forget to see the other amazing paths that are appearing around as the situation is changing each and every discard and draw. What did this mean for me? Well, fixated on tanyao with potential red dora, I kinda missed out on another thing... Well, two things:
No 9p neded where I'M going! Or so I thought...

9p draw gave me not only 1 shanten, but also allowed the hand to take in the 7p dora. Obsess over one thing and you might miss another. On every single draw, or even on every single one of your opponents discards, look at your hand with Fresh Eyes. Don't get disillusioned about what your hand Could have been or what you Thought it would be, face reality, look at the here and now, and look at your hand again WITHOUT the influence from past turns. Every Draw and Every discard on the field changes and alters the situation. Play in the situation of the here and now.


With that said, I should of been asleep an hour ago... Thanks for reading!