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Game Log 5

Date: 17/07/31
Game Type: 特南喰赤
Link: http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2017080111gm-0029-0000-e03ddd41&tw=2
2位 C:Dasuke(+10.0) D:かめさん(-12.0) A:こここいいい(+43.0) B:こんちたびなし(-41.0)

E1-0 6th Turn:

A fun little hand:
With 3p as dora, by dropping the 2p in the case 3p comes you're able to take it into the hand without losing any shape potential. Not to mention a red 5s draw is also an easy addition to the hand.

E1-0 8th Turn:

At the call of a second riichi, 7p comes out. A chance to chi for mangan 1 shanten with only the 1p and 8s tiles in reasonable tenpai path. You hold all the red dora in your hand and dora haku came out ponless on second turn. WWYD?
...Or so I thought to myself as I limited my mindset in game to "This hand is already mangan so how can I call to make it faster!!!" failing to notice not only that a 7p call wouldn't fix the 3p choke point in this already 1 shanten hand, but also if I wanted to call with this hand I could call 3p or 4m for Sanshoku as well. So by calling the 7p the only 'gain' I get is the ability to call 7m at the loss of a draw.

E2-0 9th Turn:

Going into mid game with a lively board and a 2 dora 2 shanten hand, to what extent is one wiling to push?
In this case, not too much I would say. A 2 dora hand can indeed be a mesmerizing site, but even if it had even more dora, a 2 shanten hand going this late into the round (with some pretty bad shapes at that) isn't going to reasonably come to fruition any time soon. On the the other hand, our opponents seem VERY CLOSE if not IN tenpai at this point, with shimocha having two calls including yakuhai, while the kamicha dealer has a call of double east and some dangerous discards.

Dora and hands with shiny potential are great, especially if you get them early on, but if you get too mesmerized by your non progressing hands going into the later mid game, you're just asking to be put in a situation where you're unknowingly pushing one or multiple tenpai hands with 2 shanten trash.

E3-0 8th Turn:

Toimen has declared riichi and you're current dealer with two dora and a 1 shanten chiitoitsu hand, but another path appears with the drop of a North. Call the north and get 1 shanten for toitoi? Pass on the north and aim for Chiitoitsu?
First off lets look at the two available paths.

For chiitoitsu with the current tiles we have, there's a whopping 5 tile ukeire at this 1 shanten stage. But this hand has the advantage that it can easily change up those waits, being able to drop 3m to the riichi perfectly safe while being able to just slightly push 7s suji if need. Also if tenpai is reached, this hand has the flexibility of dama or Riichi and a plethora of trap chances or flex plays. Though its disadvantages are quite clear as well. First off, chiitoitsu 1 shanten is like a giant fissure to promised Tenpai Land. The difference between tenpai and no tenpai in a situation where you have to push dangerous tiles with this hand is like night and day. Furthermore 3p regardless will need to come out as some point, though if tenpai is reached, it would be worth it at that point.

For the toitoi option it has the ability of some flexiblity, along with a clear path, and the ability to call tiles from the person in riichi who will drop everything but their winning tile. So in the case that North is called here, just like chiitoitsu option this hand would be at 1 shanten. The ukeire would also be the same dissmal 5 tiles. But this hand does have a couple of benefits. First off because we're taking in triplets now, 3p is no longer a Required discard. Second, aside from the 3m and 7s, even the West wind can be thrown reasonable if push come to shove with a chance at returning to tenpai with a lucky call. Finally, and most importantlyu, this hand has the ability to CALL. Drawing one of only 5 tiles can be difficult, calling for them on the other hand makes it a lot easier. While it is true we probably won't see 4m or 6p coming from with non riichi player, but we could definately expect a potential West call, and better yet those 4m and 6m calls from the person in riichi.

Given that a person is in riichi and speed is of the essense here, calling seems like a more successsful option.

E4-0 6th Turn:

A question of shapes and remaining tiles, WWYD?
The base Ukeire found on Tenhou's Tile Efficiency Tool is as follows:
Looking at that 4s is definately the right way to go! Right?

Maybe, or maybe not! Throwing this hand into HMS, including all discards that effect this hand on the board, we get:
Which surprisingly shows 2p drop have a significantly higher EV than 4s drop, despite a gap in win percentage. Mind you, HMS does not calculate for red dora, nor the influence of other people and their hands, so take it with a grain of salt. That being said, for what seemed like a simple answer if you look at the ukeire, other reasonable options might exist where you least expect them (the power or Ryanmen with dora + tanyao chance?)

S1-0 11th Turn:

Riichi? Dama? Cry?

Something tells me Cry... If this was aka nashi mahjong and this hand had a single dora, I would be tempted to take it. Though since this is red dora mahjong and there are 6 unseen dora tiles still in play, along with what seems to be a pretty shallow field for inner bamboo tiles, its probably best not to riichi this here.