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Game Log 17

Date: 17/09/12
Game Type: 特南喰赤
Link: http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2017091313gm-0029-0000-5505c2f6&tw=2
4位 C:Dasuke(-54.0) D:sankamo(+11.0) A:sibiya0(-31.0) B:十三の竜ちゃん(+74.0)

Only one question this game from yesterday, but I really wanted to have this in here~

E1-0 9th Turn

In this hand with the remaining shapes, 34s is no problem but the 135p forms the chokepoint towards victory.
By dropping the 9s I have the 24p, drop 1p then 345p, drop 5p then 123p. 9s drop and 1p drop I can also call if the chance arises. Though there are no 1p left, 4 2p, 2 3p, 2 4p, and 3 5p.

In the game I was thinking of going with the 1p since there's a good chance to break up that shape (7 tiles) and also a chance to open for sanshoku 3 dora.
Though I didn't consider as much the lack of a good final shape in the case of completing the 34s shape, which at the point of this hand has 14 tiles unseen,
so even with the 7 tiles for 35p, 2/3 times I'll complete souzu first and be left with 4p or 3p/5p tanki.
Connsidering that and the benefit from riichi with the kan on the field, it's probably better to drop the 5p in this case.