/ Tenhou Review

Game Log 16

Date: 17/09/12
Game Type: 特南喰赤
Link: http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2017091309gm-0029-0000-11b3854a&tw=1
1位 B:Dasuke(+79.0) C:Roots7(-43.0) D:マリ翻(-4.0) A:疾風.(-32.0)

E1-0 11th Turn

Board looks pretty active, you have a tenpai nomi hand and then draw the dora, WWYD?
Late mid game with a hand that is not much to speak of... Usually in this case I'll opt to folding as opposed to pushing a dangerous tile to keep tenpai here. But in this case there is another option. While I can't fight with a doraless, yakuless hand I can fight with pinfu dora (or arguably even with dora kanchan).

Toimen called early on and could be at tenpai at this point. Dealer is also looking pretty scary, just having dropped a safe buffer. If I wanna work the 7s into my hand here I need to drop 4s and 2s, idealy dropping 4s first. 4s is safe for dealer and 2s is suji for dealer, and while they could be going for chanta 2s push is reasonable with a tenpai to fight for. Toimen is a bit of an enigma... usually open hands especially early ones with lots of tile switches like that will have Some safe buffer overflow a good amount of the time... and while dealing into something with lots of dora is bad, at least the tile in question doesn't fit into a 7s dora run shape (567, 678, 789. though technically 5677 is possible but that's another issue).

E1-0 12th Turn

Tenpai... but on a questionable 6s dora indicator kanchan... WWYD?
The wait is bad, really bad... The value is... acceptable? It didn't look like dealer had or could use 6s, but it is right next to the dora so throwing away chanta for a 6s draw is a possiblity...

That being said its going into late game and there are 6 unseen dora and two people with open hands that could reasonable opened up due to mangan potential. Considering that, while taking tenpai looks OK, riichi wouldn't hold up against a mangan.


So this was a bit done half way. With this many points I don't want to unnecessarily deal in, nor do I want to sit back and fold completely. If a hand comes to me I should graciously take it to move the game forward.

Though in this case, I was doing far off calls for tenpai under the safety of my West pairs... While the idea is not necessarily that bad for normal play, with a lead like this ryuukyoku payments are a drop in the bucket, and only LARGE hands and LARGE flukes can drop me down in this game. By opening up for tenpai I'm potentially saving a few 1000 points here and there, but the trade off is that if someone Does riichi while I'm open like this, even if I fold regularly I'm vulnerable to a drawn out battle where no new safe tiles are drawn. While that can be true for any hand, it's even more likely with multiple calls.