/ Tenhou Review

Game Log 15

Date: 17/26/13
Game Type: 特南喰赤
Link: http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2017082714gm-0029-0000-5946dbb8&tw=0
2位 A:Dasuke(+12.0) B:hutsuu(-20.0) C:特異点(-36.0) D:renji83(+44.0)

E1-0 7th Turn

A relatively basic shape. By dropping the 3p or 4p here, this hand gains maximum block potential moving forward to a good shape tenpai. Though in game, I was a bit blinded by the combination of being able to confirm tanyao by keeping the 3344p shape alive since the 78s shape could take in a 9s. Look for this shape, Remember it, and know how to deal with it. Especially as E1 dealer, aim for the complete 1 shanten.

E1-0 10th Turn

Attack? Defend? Riichi? Dama?
This is a pretty interesting question. The simply answer would be DEALER RIIIIIICHIIII. But looking at the board that might change. First off, Toimen dropped a hatsu which was ponned by kamicha, who in turn dropped the east and was ponned by toiemn. Kamicha obviously has a pretty scary hand, guarenteed to be 3.9k and four dora out of sight, theres a good chance they might have at 7.7k hand. Even so, toimen called and continued pushing even with a 7m, suggesting that they too have somonething worth fighting the threat presented on the board, presumably a good wait 5.2k or mangan hand.

So if we could assume these hands on both sides, how does my hand hold up? A non dealer riichi pinfu has a suprisingly high 3.5k estimated value. Since dealer is 1.5x more then that would be about a 5.25k EV hand. Now, while the wait isn't That good (having under 5 tiles), it still has a solid 4 tiles remaining Plus they look particularly nice on the board, with a wall of 1p out, a discarded 5p from toimen, a early 2p drop from shimocha, the three remaining 2p especially seems pretty unwanted on this board. Considering that, this wait isn't that bad at all. If we could consider this wait a good wait, then even a mangan is worth pushing against. Now since we're dealer, even the case of tsumo we're going to lose out, and with three people added to the fray, the individual loss isn't as high as it would seem. With this worth and a pretty reasonable wait (especially against the two pushing), attack with riichi doesn't seem that bad here.

S3-0 All Round

The allures of Nagashi Mangan...
Are something to be thrown into the depths hell... In general nagashi mangan, aside from getting it by COMPLETE coincidence is generally a really bad idea. Not calling for tenpai or sakigiri to protect the better shapes in your hands in hopes of a far off cheap dream is nothing but self inflicting loss.

S1-0 13th Turn

Not really a question, I just felt kinda bad about this one... a tile dropped that was also 100% safe for the riichi, luckily hitting tenpai the turn right after a person riichi'd (with a kan on the field) while dropping a double dora, magically waiting on the now safe tile double dora, and the poor player properly folding their hand into the twisted works of Fate... a tilt inducing ron.