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Game Log 10

Date: 17/08/07
Game Type: 特南喰赤
Link: http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2017080810gm-0029-0000-50c09312&tw=3
3位 D:Dasuke(-19.0) A:〓超快適〓(-39.0) B:サンズーの裏メン(+51.0) C:vanille(+7.0)

E4-3 5th Turn:

E4 dealer ship. 3 honba and 4 riichi sticks on the board totaling 4.9k points. You get a tenpai chance between a 14m ryanmen, or a 3m double East shabo. Which do you take?
Which wait to go with... by choosing the 14m wait, 6 tiles left which will net 6400 points total. By choosing the shabo, 4 tiles left with 6400 points for 3m, or 10700 points for the east. Most everyone will be gunning for a win right now with 4.9k+ points to any hand, and a East wind is something they'll Have to get rid of unless they wait on it or get a pair. Even though its gonn abe hard to drop before tenpai with oya having 2 calls, considering the 14m only has 6 tiles left, with two of the good 1m's already out, I think the 3m東 shabo will come out on top considering the estimated value of this hand.

E4-4 4th Turn:

Call for the 6m and chase for tanyao in the face of 6.2k points on the field, or stay closed and try for a riichi or sanshoku?
An amazing 6.2k points on the field and a not so amazing 2 shanten hand with bad waits all around. Kamicha has called two yaku hai and looks like they're ready to take all the goods. But in their pushing for what seems to be tenpai or at the Very Least 1 shanten, some chances arrive! This had is really slow by itself, even conisdering the 45p ryanmen the other two shapes right now available are a 6m kanchan and two penchan. At this moment a 6m appears which gives this hand another path to take. While the 6m itself doesn't account to that much for lowering shanten, it fills up the hard to come by 57m shape and sets this hand on 2 shanten path to tenpai, allowing now for more flexibility with calling especially with a kamicha that will be throwing a lot of useful middle tiles as they keep their tenpai.

Considering the Speed of the kamicha opponent and the bad shapes/slowness of this hand, if I want to win this I think the best chance would be to go down the open tanyao route. In regards to worth, 9200 points is Plenty. Not to mention everyone is gunning for the fastest hands in order to get that prize, so even with a deal in hands are more likely to be of lower value when everyone is just concerned with speed since the board itself gives value.

S2-2 10th Turn:

Stuck between two riichi, what do you defend with?
For the non dealer riichi we currently have the 100% safe tiles: 1m. Suji tiles: 3s suji, 7m suji. Once chance: 9m.

For the dealer riichi we have. 100% safe tiles: None. Suji Tiles: 3s. One Chance: 9m.

Just looking at these, it would come down to a choice between 3s and 9m. Between the two, a mid game one chance and a 3s suji, a 3s suji wins out for having a lower deal in rate. Butttt, the 1s in this case is also the dora. But the flip side to that is three of them are already gone. Considering that, I chose 3s in this case.

S2-3 6th Turn:

Tenpai! But with a choice. Do you take chiitoitsu tenpai and dama to improve the wait, or take the immediate riichi with iipeikou on a East Hatsu 2 tile wait?
Considering the waits available to both hands, 3 tiles max for chiitoitsu or 2 tiles for current hand, as well as having a hand with this kind of wait potential at the 6th turn, I choose the East and Hatsu here.

Wait wise, even with two tiles this has an amazingly nice win rate. For comparision, Fukuchi compares a 6m Hatsu shabo riichi, with the 6m all gone and just the two hatsu remaining, to have the winning percentage of a ryanmen wait. It'll be hard to come by a wait like this again, plus by riiching this early with little information to go buy people are even more likely to drop. Even if they wise to push earlier these tiles are near Completely unusable.