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Game Log 2

Date: 17/07/29
Game Type: 特南喰赤
Link: http://tenhou.net/0/?log=2017072916gm-0029-0000-e258b6ce&tw=3
1位 D:Dasuke(+44.0) A:ハーレムエース(-31.0) B:純友(+7.0) C:頑張ってます。(-20.0)

E1-0 9th Turn:

Shimocha has called riichi. With 1 safe tile and a potential 5.2k hand, what do you do?
A bit torn on this one. First lets look at this from the perspective of Fukuchi's Push/Pull theory. Non-Dealer opponent is in riichi, which is estimated to be worth 5,000 points. In order to fight that hand, you need at Least a tenpai with a good wait (5 usable tiles+) thats worth half or more of the opponents hand, or a bad wait tenpai with as much worth or more. As such, given that not only does this hand NOT have tenpai but also a bad shape 1 shanten with two kanchan, it would not meet those criteria.

General theory wise it might not be good to push this, but what about for this specific situation? Aside from the walled of 1s, there are not that many 100% safe tiles, or even suji tiles available in this hand. If the situation has not changed by the next turn, most likely either 2m or 2s would be dropped. Now if 2s is pushed from the start, then not only could this hand continue on its defensive path if need be, but it could also get into tenpai with the following draws: 34m68. If that happens, then the hand would be 5.2k minimum with riichi, enough to fight the opponent under general theory.

Of course the chance of a 25m wait with 3m riichi declaration is still pretty scary, especially with 6 unseen and easily used dora tiles...

E1-0 7th Turn:

Originally I jotted down the previous question mid game, but when reviewing afterwards I noticed I messed up pretty big here:
Given the call from the dealer, along with the 57p shape that allows another dora, rather than dropping east here it would be much more beneficial to drop the 24m toitsu. A couple of bad shapes in a non mangan hand where the board is getting pretty active is the perfect chance for a good call to speed it up and close off a bad shape.

E2-0 7th Turn:

Tenpai on 58m for tanyao, pinfu, dora 3. Do you riichi?
Normally with dama mangan hands I tend not to riichi, especially as dealer since situationally a dealer riichi is a instant fold for many non dealer hands. But in this case I'm a non dealer with a Prettttttty Goooood wait Not only does this hand have all 8 tiles available, but opponents have also dropped early tiles around it, suggesting they might not hbe using any of upper winning tiles. A riichi guarentees that even a ron is haneman, while a tsumo with ippatsu or ura would go up to a baiman. The trade off is that the winning percentages goes down a good amout.

Were this dama 7.7k hand I think there would be little to no question about the effectiveness of dama. Though with this hand that 100% goes up to haneman+ in all interactions, a good wait tenpai this early in the game, and a non informative discard pile... I think it's probably a good idea to riichi with this hand.

S2-0 3rd Turn:

An intersting hand formation.
A two shanten hand with a dora, along with iipeikou, chun, and chiitoitsu potential. Looking at this hand from a block perspective, with 5788s counting as two blocks, currently this hand has one too many blocks in it. In the case of too many blocks, usually you'll proceed breaking up the extra weaker blocks for strong floating tiles which can be used to create even stronger blocks. Though in this case not only do we have the chance for a regular hand, but also the call potential of chun (though calling with this hand that might be a sin against Mahjong...), along with a decent chance for chiioitsu.

Putting this hand into HMS I got the following:

Though of course the added benefit of Chun pon push 2m drop under 5s drop, since chun call would require 88s to become the pair and 57s to hold onto the dora.


And with that I'll get off before I fall asleep at my computer. I'll be adding comments to the site tomorrow as well!