Game Analysis and Streams Dec 7, 2018

Game 1
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E1-0 6th Turn - Got too focused in the 445677 shape and broke up 2 from 24m here instead of the 13s which got rid of tanyao. With shimocha open, sakigiri 3s looks better than 1s drop here.

E3-0 Riichi - To riichi or not ot riichi. Can't see any dora, but the 14p wait looks really good, especially because kamicha who is open has dropped/can't sue the 1p. Plus kamicha also dropped 6m from hand suggesting Maybe not honiitsu..........That being said I see no dora from my point of view and the 5p is Really easy to use. Even without honiitsu from kamicha it could still easily be mangan+, plus there are two other players that could have monster hands using all the dora I can't see. Considering that dama is probably better here...

E4-0 1st turn - 5 blocks, 4 dora, no yaku, and slow shapes. Rather than dropping east or 6s here, better to break up a pair right now since we have three and can't open currently any way, because if we do upgrade on the east pair or with the floating 5p or 6s we would need to drop one of the pairs anyway.

E4-0 6th turn - Normally would want to drop 5p here with so many other dora in hand, but with a 3 pair shape and shimocha open for potentially tanyao, and also being at 3 shanten, better to drop 8p here and hold onto the 0p.

S1-1 4th turn - Got too focused on the 3 pair shape and dropped 9p since it had no connecting tiles, but of course this hand is 1 shanten so 7s is a better drop because 57s has upgrade potential, and 1s9p shabo is a pretty good wait as well if we end up there.

S3-0 4th turn pon - Take 4p here? Speed is of the essense here, butttt we don't actually get that much speed from 4p and there are other bottlenecks that need to be filled in. Plus ideally 34p could be left for a good final shape as well.

S4-0 Riichi - To riichi or not riichi, if we assume that 3rd place will take second with direct hit or a tsumo, then we shouldn't fold either way with tenpai. But that's not necessarily the case, and if we do riichi then the riichi stick puts last in range for riichi pinfu dora tsumo. Though riichi does give us a chance a first with potential haneman tsuumo or direct hit on first, though given our wait first isn't likely to deal in, and even with tsumo we need ippatsu/red dora/a couple ura dora to even possibly make the jump to haneman. Considering that, dama is probably better...