Game Analysis and Streams Dec 6, 2018

Hello~! So I started streaming again this last month with a combination of 5 minute delayed games followed by a live game analysis. Recently I've been going back through my games afterward the streams and writing down the main points from the analysis, so I thought if I'm doing that anyway I might as well make a blog post with them for each day~!

The notes for each question are Below the picture.

If you have any feedback or comments, be sure to add them to the comments below.

Game 1
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E1-0 6th turn - Here we want to take 79m over 46p, because even if its a bad wait, with no dora in hand we need the 9m, if at least one other dora then we would prefer 46p.

E4-0 Shimocha - Called 234m, proceeded to drop three more tiles then later dropped a 11m from their hand. Holding onto that means probably not tanyao so yakuhai is a likely suspect, but all were discarded with no call? But the chance of ton ankou still remains!

S2-1 8th turn - Honiitsu commit versus 6m utilitiy. But with 2.3k on the board in a close game already being in S-2, keeping 6m looks good!

S3-0 5th turn - While 1m increases ukeire here, a potential 2k hand here is useless. Further more it potentially gives 3m wait away with later 1m drop after calling into tenpai. Hastu is also potential upgrade.

S3-1 4th turn - 5m draw is useless here, because the points to 1st and 2nd are too far, and last still 'close', while keeping 6s gives dama mangan upgrade chance to take the game.

Game 2
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E1-0 5th turn - Keep 4m over haku here because honiitsu potential, even if it looks like that to everyone else, it is Still really good and a way to move this hand forwards that isn't toitoi.

E1-0 10th turn - Call 3m here, already the 10th turn and we're 2 shanten. Calling does cheapen the hand alot BUT from everyone else's perspective this looks like honiitsu tenpai. Keep pressure and advance the hand.

E2-0 2nd turn - Between dora 1s and 9p keep dora here. Even though 9p is used in a potential block its actually pretty useless because a hand using 2+ 9p is gonna be cheap. 1s gives dora potential and not much loss still keeping the 56789p shape.

E2-0 9th turn - Non-dealer riichi on the field, hard to use dora that was discarded early by person in riichi, potential tenpai without many safe tiles, 9p throw to take the tenpai (as opposed to a 2 -> 8 tile), plus waiting the riichi's safe tile. For a kawashite (wash away hand) this is pretty good.

E3-0 11th turn - Two riichi on field and we have to fold. Between our choices, 28m are scary with morrohikkake potential (135/579 shape riichi on the 5) and dangerous to both riichi, 9s is suji for open riichi and 1 chance but shonpai, haku is one cut but unsafe for both riichi and extra yaku. 4s is safe for riichi and pretty unlikely for the dealer with all 1s dead and 4s being a safe tile for the other riichi, because this would make it a prime choice for dama so 4s wait riichi with 7s gone seems extremely unlikey here.

E3-1 9th turn - Call potential to cancel ippatsu, but with only two genbutsu to our name and only E3 passing it up seems good here, We don't want to fight and push last place any way... or So I thought, but looking at it a different way, currently ALL the regular dora are dead, plus this gives us 1 shanten without much risk. Without the threat of a lot of dora, the benefit of destroying ippatsu goes up a lot here.

E3-1 12th turn - I missed the fact that 5s came out after the riichi because I was focused on calling the 5p. This lead to me throwing next best option, chun, and dealing in for a good amount. Gotta watch All discards even if a call potential comes out.

S1-1 So we wanna call here, but waht do we drop? With three pairs after calling and a hard to get and never dropping 7p, locking in two pairs here and going for highest ukeire seems good with the 6m drop. If it was a 2m or 8m pair it would be more beneficial to keep the additional pair for pon potential, but middle tiles are hard to call so 6m drop for higher ukeire chance is good here.

S3-0 Call chance for a kanchan in whats probably gonna be an open hand, but 6 blocks and calling means use the regular dora, which we need for a 3.9k+. As such passing this up is better here.

S3-0 6th turn. 1 shanten for mangan/haneman hand, but dealer in riichi. Currently last place with a 3.9k gap to 3rd, and if we fold then at least 2 hands left (technically 1 if another person aside form dealer wins, though unlikely). With a great chance like this, folding is pretty bad here because with this little time left it will be hard to get another chance. Plus with the information from the riichi and the turn order, its benefical to fight the riichi, even with chance of dealin and tobi.

Game 3
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E1-0 - tenpai either with 7p throw or 3s throw. Not willing to throw 7p here with the board, but dealer called 5 from 468 shape so rather OK with throwing 3s Specifically becuase we have a tenpai that can potentially wash the hand away.

E2-0 13th turn - No riichi because waiting on safe tile to the riichi, furthermore 1m drop is a dama mangan, even 4m drop is still 2k + 1k riichi stick.

S2-0 8th turn - With confirmed iipeikou, dora, andppinfu already in hand we don't need the extra dora from 0p, especially because the regular dora is dead. Don't be greedly, drop 0p and even if someone riichi you can push almost anything here (just not a red dora...)

S2-0 9th turn - At most one dora in sight for the riichi, push! Furthermore, no safe tiles, and even with 4p nakasuji a 24p shape riichi waiting on 4p tanki here isn't weird with earlier 24p drops.

S4-0 3rd turn - No Riichi! With this bad of wait and SO many upgrade options, dama is Great here.